Rotarian Feedback

"Congratulations on your latest book .…Interesting that you have found hundreds of never before published letters which have helped you to better understand Paul Harris.”  Past Rotary International President.

“I am sure once I get the book and show it to other members, they will want one.”  New Hampshire Rotarian

“I have been a Rotary member for two years and would like to learn more about its history.” Kansas Rotarian

“I am enjoying reading your book, ‘Paul Harris and the Birth of Rotary’ every night. It is very interesting and loaded with detail – many of them are real surprising… I can’t wait to read it again tonight…” Florida Rotarian

“I believe that every Rotarian should read it and know more about the founder of Rotary.”  Maine Rotarian

“Your book is amazing.”  New York Rotarian

“You have provided yet another remarkable story (in more ways than one) for me to use in continuing the legacy with future generations.” Oregon Rotarian

“The book looks exciting and will be a great resource book also!”  Kansas Rotarian

“Your book will give me even more insight.” Arizona Rotarian

“You have put in a tremendous amount of time compiling the documents which you have researched and in writing your book.” Member – Rotary Global History Fellowship

“The book is great and extremely well written.” Former Vice-president of Rotary International

"Thanks Fred!  A wonderful contribution to the world’s greatest humanitarian organization!”  Illinois Rotarian

“It’s full of fascinating stories.” Wallingford, VT Rotarian“I got a glimpse of your book from E.A.  I would love 3 autographed copies.” Virginia Rotarian

“I have enjoyed reading the book and will pass it along the best I can.”  Colorado Rotarian

“Thank you for the books. I am excited to give these to my board members and officers in thanks for their service.“ Washington State Club president

“I have read the other books on Paul Harris and yours seems to come from a different point of view, which should be both informative and fun to read.” Missouri Rotarian

“I know they (Rotarians) will enjoy this book.”  Wyoming Rotarian

“Thank you for all your efforts.” Minnesota Rotarian

“I have started reading the book and it is good so far.” – Florida Rotarian